Hyeres World Cup Preperation

We are back in sailing mode since this week after an earned rest back home in Sweden. This is our first time in Hyeres and we have spent the last five days sailing in both light and heavy conditions, sometimes with flat water and sometimes a bit more wavy. 

We like it so far. As in the last World Cup (Palma), we are 80 49ers and close to 50 FX, trying to launch at an area that is 15m wide and 100m long is hard, especially when its windy. Will be interesting to we how the logistics with 130 trolleys will sort out.

However, we have a good feeling for the regatta and are excited to start the first race and make this last world cup for 2013/2014 the best so far for the team. We will probably have varied conditions and we are happy for what ever we get.

The racing starts on Monday and ends on Friday with medal race for the 10 first boats on Saturday.

Official regatta website: http://swc.ffvoile.com/


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