First period in Santander (Isaf worlds venue)

After a 30 hours drive we arrived in a sunny Spain. We moved in to the apartment and unloaded the boats in the boat park before it was time to hit the bed- finally!

Friday gave us sun in the morning but it was absolutely no breeze for the whole day, no sailing, lots of boat work done and happy faces even though the team was excited to get on the water and sail.

Both Saturday and Sunday have been great, no wind in the mornings but a sea breeze filled in both days. One quite soft and one with more breeze. We enjoyed both of them and have almost done 8 hours on the water so far.

We will stay in Santander another week before we go home to make the last rest before the big event, who starts third week in September.

One thought on “First period in Santander (Isaf worlds venue)

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