World Championship in Santander – over

It was a tough regatta for the team, we did good preparation and we were very excited to go out and race. Also to make our very best and to score a good place in the overall score in the regatta.

However, we failed.

Sailng is never easy and that is what makes sailing so fun. There is always room for improvement and we could make this post very long and talk about all the thing we did wrong, or at least not right.
Instead we want to tell you that we are very disappointed with results, and the regatta. We are proud to say that the team did a very good job trying to come back in every single race and didn’t give up even once during any race. We know what we can do and we are very, very excited to show you and everyone else. Until, trust us when we tell you that we will be back, stronger than every before.

KSSS Olympic 2013 1334