Back in Olympic Sailing (soon)

After almost two months in San Fransisco, where we were interns at Artemis Racing, we are back in Sweden. It was a great experience and we are lucky to be the very first who had the opportunity to help and work on each of their different departments. Artemis Racing is a fantastic team and our time with them couldn’t have been better.


However, we are back in Sweden again, excited to go back into 49er sailing again. The weather in Sweden is what it is and we won’t be able to sail until our next event in January. Meantime we will work hard on our schedule for next season as well as look back into last season and learn as much as possible from that. We have a few ideas that will benefit our development as sailors.

What we do know about next season is that it’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be hard work and much fun! I’m sure that next season is going to be something special.

Next stop is physical test with the Youth Olympic Development Squad at Bosön this weekend. We have been hit the gym hard the last months and are excited to see what that will do to our test results.


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