The Team

Gustav “Gurra” Petterson


© Oskar Kihlborg 2013

Gustav Petterson is born 1993 in South East of Sweden in Karlshamn. He started sailing already at 7 years old in OTS. He was one of the best Optisailor with 2 gold at the Nationals, 2 World Championships and 1 European Championship.

He went to Motala Sailing Highschool from 2009-2013 and won the Swedish Nationals with Marcus in the 29er, same years as they competed in the Isaf Youth World Championship and ended up 10th, which was the best score by a swedish sailor all time.

Gustav won the Swedish Nationals in Europe dinghy and made a remarkable good 5th in the World Championship same year. During the winter of 2012 he started to plan for an Olympic campaign in the 49er together with Marcus.

Marcus Anjemark


© Oskar Kihlborg 2013

Marcus Anjemark was born 1993 in Gothenburg and did all kind of sport activities before he started sailing at age 11. He was stoked to do as much sailing as possible and did win 1 gold in Opti-Team Cup as 2 golds in Opti Teamcup.

He started sailing Europe dinghy and 29er during 2009, the same year he entered Motala High School, and won 1 gold and 1 bronze in Swedish Nationals. He made a lots of traveling for both training and regattas during several years and finally ended up 9th at the Europeans and 12th at the World Championship in 29er.

He also been sailing the Isaf Youth World Championship 2011 and made a good 10th. Together with Gurra, he believes that the team have what is needed to make a medal at the Olympics in the near further.

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